Access to our collections for community engagement will be through in-house exhibitions of the cities silver and over 17,000 local photographs.

Our outreach projects will take the form of reminiscence sessions, which involve groups in conversation, showing photographs of old Lichfield and district and oral-history sessions. Sessions will reveal unknown or forgotten stories and new perspectives, that can help many visitors to our city learn about places, customs, attitudes, and ways of life in the past, and will contribute to be a permanent archive of information which might otherwise be lost. The diversity of pictures, films and videos that we hold in our collection is astonishing and includes items ranging from old newspapers to books on local history, moments that we have long since forgotten including the Bower Parades, the Flying Scotsman at Trent Valley and Lichfield City station, History of the Sheriffs Ride, plus military and civilian parades through Lichfield. The archive is curated by a small team of dedicated volunteers and is a rich resource for family and local history research, as well as educational study. St Mary’s achieved Full Accreditation in 2005.